Joint Initiative for Peace between Religions


The Basis:

Acceptance (not rejection) of religion

Emphasize the liberating aspect of religion - religion as an important resource of justice and peace. Religions become sources of conflict only when they are being high jacked by political powers.



What to do:

1.   Make a List of countries with inter-religious and similar conflicts:

         Intra-religious conflict - as in Ireland (catholic - Protestant), in Pakistan (Shia - Sunni - Qadyani) etc.

         Inter-religious conflict as in India, Israel, Palestine, Indonesia ...

         Inter-ethnic conflict as in Kashmir, Sri Lanka (Sinhala - Tamil etc.), Africa (Rwanda: Tutsi - Hootu), Sudan (Darfur and the South-North-conflict) etc.

         Ethnic-religious conflict (aggressive proselytization exploiting the poverty of indigenous people)

2.       Make a list of NGO's and individuals working for peace in that sense

3.       Create a network between these NGO's and individuals by the means of the internet

4.       Create an international directory for contact. The participants in the network provide Information, contact addresses, and links

5.       Develop cooperation between major initiatives (local, interregional and international levels)

6.       Compile information on what these major initiatives are doing

7.       Raise funds for activities

8.       Meetings, once in a while (according to funds raised)

9.       When there is a major outburst of violence - as in Gujarat in 2002 or around Israel/Palestine - we rise in protest and mobilize international attention and opinion

10.     As soon as possible a joint website and newsletter should be set up, in printed form as soon as there are enough funds

11.     A manifesto will be developed

12.     This manifesto will be sent out to religious leaders of the world and to the United Nations

13.     Goal is to get an observer status at the United Nations

14.     As a name for the association we suggest "International Initiative for Inter-religious Peace” (I I I P)



The Initiators at the 25th Anniversary of the "Right Livelihood Association":

Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer, India (RLA 2004) and

Gottfried Hutter (guest speaker, Leopold Khor Academy)


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