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Mumbai, September 2nd, 2009:


Dear Gottfried Hutter,

Thanks very much for appreciating my article on War and Peace in Islam. Yes, this kind of thinking has to penetrate deeper into the Islamic world. Unfortunately the conservative ulama hold far more sway. Shari'a cannot be a stagnant body of law. Such an approach will do no good to Muslims. It must evolve with changes taking place around us.

Best wishes,

Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer


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Dear Dr. Engineer,


I am very grateful for this article. Thank you. I wished you would be heard in the whole Islamic community.

This is the way to change Western misperceptions of Islam! But this way of thinking first needs to penetrate the Islamic Umma.

After all, it seems, you agree with me that Sharia needs to evolve. Thank you.


Best wishes

Gottfried Hutter



Im Auftrag von Centre for Study of Society and Secularism Mumbai
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Asghar Ali Engineer


(Islam and Modern Age, September 2009)


Islam has been much maligned today as religion of war, not peace and compassion. The acts of terrorism on the part of some international terrorist groups who indulge in needless and wanton killing has further aggravated this image in the contemporary world. During medieval ages also crusades threw up an image of Islam which pictured Muslims as sword in one hand and Qur’an in the other.


It would be interesting to note that both during medieval as well as contemporary times the images of Islam thrown up was …


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